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Computer Glasses

With so many millions of people using computers for over 8 hours every day, it should come as no surprise that eyestrain and eye fatigue are two of the biggest work related complaints in America. 

This eye strain comes from two sources:

computer eyeglasses Raleigh, ncThe first source is from the muscles in the eyes. When you look at a computer, your eye muscles have to turn inwards.  Medically, this is called convergence. The eyes are designed to converge,  do it very well. The problem is that the muscles that control convergence are designed to converge for only short periods of time. They are not designed to look up close for hours. It is similar to asking a body builder to hold a pencil with his arm completely extended. He can easily do this, but even the strongest person cannot hold it for 8 hours. The muscle is just not designed to hold its position for that long of time.

The other source of fatigue is from glare.  When we look at something, we do not expect it to shine. The eyes' defense mechanism to something shining is to constrict the pupils.  Once this constriction is accomplished, then the eye will want to avoid the object that is producing the light.  This is a defense mechanism to protect the sensitive rods and cones in the eyes.  The amount of light coming off of computers is not intense, so the eye can tolerate the intensity. However, this mild glare is constant and can last for hours. Even a minor annoyance can, over time be aggravating, and the eyes will feel uncomfortable and begin showing symptoms of computer vision syndrome. These include headache, fatigue and eye strain.

The treatment for the first source of strain, muscle convergence, is to put a prescription in front of the eyes so the eyes can diverge, or move out, to the the natural distance position.  Humans can look far away for hours without fatigue.  Therefore by putting lenses in front of the eye to neutralize the near object, the eye strain will decrease.

The treatment for the second source of light sensitivity is special anti-reflective coatings and special unique coatings that can block the blue rays that are associated with eye strain.

At Good Looks in North Raleigh, NC we carry different types of lens options to meet your needs.  One of our best lenses is the Trivex lens.  This lens is safe for children, impact resistant, UVA/UVB protected, Aspheric in design, scratch resistant, and decreases chromatic aberrations.

Not all Anti-reflective coating are the same.  There are different varieties available.  The highest quality we offer is the Super HiVision EX3.  This coating has a 2 year/unlimited scratch resistant coating.  It is smudge resistant which is similar to RainX that goes on car windshields. It is 3x more scratch resistant than glass.  It is water repellant and has 9 layers of anti-reflective coating infused within the lens.

By incorporating computer glasses into your work environment, you should be able to be more productive because your visual discomfort associated with computers will be eliminated.

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