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Maui Jim Eyewear is Here!!

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Our First Shipment of Maui Jim Glasses!!

Good Looks is now offers Maui Jim ®  glasses and sunglasses in Raleigh North Carolina. Our first shipment alone was 54 unique frames. Why did we decide to bring on Maui Jim as part of our new showcase collection? Well, it was pretty easy. We had patient after patient come into our office asking when we were going to carry Maui Jim ® . The patients at Good Looks know fashion and they know optics and demand the best in quality.

I understand polarized lenses because I have sold them for over 20 years. I decided I wanted to see what all the hype was about the quality of Maui Jim ® sunglasses as compared to other polarized sunglasses on the market. I did my research and discovered that Maui Jim ® has the rights to a new form of polarization called Polarized Plus 2 ® technology. What makes the polarized Plus 2 ® better than the polarization you receive at other retailers like Costco and Target is the polarization is fused into the lens itself. Other cheaper methods involve gluing or painting a polarization film onto the lens. Although this helps cut down glare, the polarization Plus 2 Technology ® eliminates 99.9% of all glare. That is right, 99.9% of all glare is eliminated. In addition, this technology not only darkens the brightness, but it enhances the contrast unlike other standard polarized lenses. What you have left is the most brilliant of colors that can be noticed with no glare and sun protection.

In addition to the Polarized Plus 2 Technology ® , Maui Jim ® has back surface anti-reflective coating that can be added to take away even more reflections that can come from BEHIND the wearer. Everyone likes having an anti-reflective coating applied to the front of the lens, but when you add it to the backside too, the clarity is unsurpassed.

Maui Jim ® also has a Bi-Gradient Mirror design for snowboarders or waterski enthusiasts. This lens gradient can be applied to the top and bottom of the lens to filter out the brightest of snow days or the brightest reflections of the sun off a clear body of water.

As the owner of Good Looks in Raleigh, I decided to give Maui Jim the chance they deserve. I had a pair ordered and decided to see for myself if their latest polarization technology was worth all the hype. Now don't get me wrong, I was expecting them to be nice, but when I put them on in front of my optician, all I could say was “Wow! Wow! Wow!” I was shocked that I could not come up with a better adjective.  What really caught off-guard was the dramatically noticeable contrast. I took the sunglasses off and was actually disappointed with my own natural eyes. Then my optician showed me a gray Maui Jim bird that was a framed display of the Maui Jim logo. I thought, “Why is he showing me a gray bird?” He told me to put the sunglasses back on. When I did, the bird was the most brilliant rainbow of colors I had ever seen. I thought it was a trick, but I knew it wasn't. It was the Maui Jim sunglasses bringing out the contrast in colors that my natural eyes could not do.  At that point, I was sold and decided Maui Jim would be great for Good Looks.

Please stop by Good Looks to check our our new collection of Maui Jim Frames and ask to look at the Maui Jim Bird through them. It is not a trick, but it does look magical. Happy Summer!

Kent J. Risk, O.D.

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